On-Site and Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services

No job is too large or too small for us to handle.

Interpretation Services to Your Satisfaction

We offer On-Site and Over-the-Phone interpretation services, primarily between English and Chinese Mandarin speaking parties, to corporate and individual clients. Our pay-as-you-go service allows you to access our professional interpreters. No matter you are planning a video or teleconference, a technical visit, a series of negotiations, or a general meeting, our bilingual, experienced specialist in your field will be with you.

We do not interpret word-for-word, but meaning-for-meaning. That is why you might notice that Chinese conversations can seem to take longer. Some Chinese concepts that are communicated in one or two words can take several phrases to accurately describe in English, and vice versa.

When arranging interpretation services, our suggestions include the type of interpretation, the communication setting and other important factors conducive to effective communication. For more information specific to your interpretation needs, contact us for a free consultation. Usually, the expenses related to transportation and accommodation are additional. Contact us for a quote.

On-Site Interpretation

While over-the-phone interpretation offers a fast response for unexpected language barriers, our on-site interpretation is more appropriate for meetings that may require the extra human interaction and visual contact.

Our on-site interpretation services cover East Ontario and part of Quebec, including the Ottawa and Gatineau area. Our conference interpreters can meet you and your client(s) face-to-face in a business office, a conference centre, a hospital, a lawyer's office, a meeting room, or any other pre-arranged location. On-site interpreters conduct scheduled, in-person assignments. Every interpreter has the knowledge and experience to accurately convey complex subject matter from English into Chinese (Mandarin), and vice versa.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Over-the-phone interpretation is delivered affordably through our experienced and professional interpreters. We can participate in conference calls between two or more parties, over the phone or through net meetings. Where required, we can also relay your messages to your clients over the phone in Chinese Mandarin or English. Over-the-phone interpretation services are offered throughout Canada, China and the United States.

If the conference interpreter is required to attend a video conference or phone conference at client-specified facilities, this will count as on-site service.

Alternate Solutions

We are committed to providing the right solutions to meet our clients needs. A request for on-site interpretation can often result in an alternative solution such as conference call interpretation, email translation or business negotiation support.

Service packages and special offers are available. Contact us to discuss your situation.