Quality-Assured Verbatim Transcript and Executive Summary

No job is too large or too small for us to handle.

Transcripting and Writing from Audio or Video Media

We offer transcription and writing services, and are able to provide you with any length of Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional) and English documents, from a verbatim transcript to an executive summary.

All your transcripts will be professionally produced, quality-assured and delivered on time. No computer transcription or vast typing pools are used. We can either attend your meeting in person or work from a recording, making our transcription services suit your needs. Contact us and let us fully understand your needs. Once you are happy with all the details, send in your audio.

Audio transcription is one of the services we are asked for most often, and almost every single file type can be handled, ranging from VHS, DVD to voicemail files. All audio transcriptions are carried out carefully, and all transcripts are thoroughly checked to ensure the transcript is accurate and smooth and there is no grammatical mistakes. No matter the size of your document, you can be assured that we will deliver the right transcription service tailored for you.

For audio transcription, we can offer (1) a complete transcript retaining every sentence spoken, but each one rendered in the most smooth way possible; and (2) a verbatim transcript retains every word spoken. Our commitment to quality is proven with our clients coming back to us again and again over the last years. Your audio transcript is always delivered publication ready, which makes our transcription service standout from many alternatives you may find.

Quality, Accuracy and Quick Turnaround: Our Pride

We guarantee you a quick turnaround, an accurate document, and a reliable service. Whether you need a strictly verbatim transcript from audio or a more polished document for instant publication, we are able to meet your needs. We understand that not everyone needs as fast transcription, so there are a range of turnaround options available, from a standard delivery of three business days to our specialized urgent delivery service of one hour after receipt of audio.

Confidentiality: Our Commitment

Confidentiality is guaranteed. We are tied to the standard confidentiality agreement, and are happy to commit to any additional requirements you might have. For this reason, many companies and individuals trust us to handle their most sensitive information.